Giving Back

Since March of 2020, 50 million American kids traded their classrooms for their living rooms. COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we live and the way our kids learn. For our most vulnerable kids, basic needs like regular meals and school supplies have only become more difficult to obtain. To honor these unique times and prompt a discussion with our kids, we created the HOMESCHOOL hat as part of our Fight For Your Rights Collection.

Did you know 15 million American children live in poverty?  The Coronavirus has only exacerbated that number. 

This is why 5% of proceeds for all Thinking Caps swag will go directly to No Kid Hungry (, an organization dedicating themselves to providing healthy food, every day for all kids who need it. 

Giving back on the reg: We're proud to announce that Thinking Caps will partner with a different charity as we release each new collection. We're excited to shine a light on many worthwhile organizations and teach our kids the important of paying it forward.