About Thinking Caps

Welcome to THINKING CAPS, we’re so glad you’re here. Ever look at somebody and ask, “What’s that thing on your hat?” Well, we thought, that moment was a pretty good opportunity for kids and adults to learn something interesting that they didn’t already know. We’re on a mission to celebrate big ideas the same way you might celebrate your favorite sports team, because after all, we’re all on the same team and it’s going to take big ideas to make the world a better place. Each of our collections of hats and t-shirts are meant to encourage conversations between people of all ages. We collaborate with educators, journalists, psychologists, and community leaders to develop themes and designs to inspire kids and adults to dig deeper into the world around them and come up with ways that they can affect it. 



Lovingly designed and produced between Kansas and California.

We are working towards being a sustainable company. Our goal is to be like the Girl Scouts and ‘Leave No Trace.’ Check back with us as we chronicle this journey with you.