Yo Voté Hat
Yo Voté Hat
Yo Voté Hat

Yo Voté Hat

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Everybody knows voting is important, but did you know that sometimes, some people actually make it difficult for others to vote, so that their voices can’t be heard? That stinks! To try and help make sure all people had the same ability to vote in elections, President Lyndon B. Johnson passed the Voting Rights Act in 1965. It helped, but like all laws, Congress changed it over time. Sometimes those changes made voting easier. Like in 1975, a section was added to help people who became citizens and did not speak English. That section (called section 203) said that ballots had to be available in any language where more than 10,000 people in a community spoke that particular language. Some changes, however, made voting harder; like in 2013, when Congress took away a lot of the original protections in the Voting Rights Act. Recently, in 2019, the House of Representatives passed an update to try and put those protections back in. As of September 2020, the Senate has not passed another update, in spite of calls to do so. Why? Good question. Ask a grown up or better yet, write to your senator.

- Gold "Trucker" Style Hat

- Adjustable

- Unisex fit

- Available in Youth and Adult sizes

- Youth size fits most 5yo - 12yo

- Patch detail