Narwhal Long Sleeve T-shirt
Narwhal Long Sleeve T-shirt

Narwhal Long Sleeve T-shirt

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Our winter 21/22 collection, Wild Things, shines a light on endangered animals. We’ve teamed up with illustrator Travis Millard to bring these beautiful creatures to life and help your kids learn about Polar Bears, Snow Leopards, Arctic Fox, Galapagos Penguins and Narwhals. We've created a zine that comes with each shirt that will teach kids about why these animals are being threatened, what it means for the Earth, and what we can all do to protect wildlife.

- White long sleeve

- Cotton

- White shirts available in 3T + 5T

- Off white available S (6 - 7 years old), M (8-10 years old) and L (10- 12 years old) 

- Screenprint detail on back and front.

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