Vote Hat
Vote Hat
Vote Hat

Vote Hat

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Do you know what it means to vote? Do you know how it works? Well it’s a pretty neat process by which a group can decide on things fairly when they don’t all agree. You live in The United States of America and it’s a democracy, so that means we get to vote on all sorts of things, from laws to who’s going to be your mayor or your president, to how much money goes to your school, whether we protect certain animals, or how we protect our environment. Voting isn’t mandatory, but it’s an amazing responsibility and everyone should participate in making sure their voice and opinion is heard to make our cities, states and country better. Do you wanna know something? You have to be a US citizen and 18 to vote, but our youngest voters (age 18-29) are the least likely to show up to vote. On average only 30-40% of them do. (That’s not a lot!) Isn’t that nuts? On the other hand, people age 60 and older are the ones that show up the most. While it’s great that they show up in large numbers, it also means that the OLDEST PEOPLE are sometimes voting and SOLVING problems that young people will have to live with for a REALLY LONG TIME!  Remind the people in your life that their vote matters! Get out and vote!

- Khaki "Dad" Style Hat

- Adjustable

- Unisex fit

- Currently available in Junior size - Adult size to come

- Junior size fits most 2yo - 6yo

- Embroidered detail